haunted hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any clowns?

A: There was a traveling circus that went through a few years ago; however, as far as we know, they have all since checked out of the hotel.

Q: Is it scary?

A: Well, there have been numerous people who have had "accidents" in their pants; some people have been known to jump or scream frequently; there was even one who passed out, and a few who haven't made it passed the first room.
Don't just take our word for it...please come down and see for yourself.

Q: Is it like other haunts?

A: No, we have a fully detailed background storyline and we are character-based. Also, there is VERY LOW gore and NO blood or nudity. We are also in 3D - meaning you have to wear our 3D glasses to truly enjoy the full experience that the Warwick Hotel has to offer.

Q: Do I get my money back if I make it to the end?

A: No, again, the last rule is "No Refunds" no matter what, even if you chicken out in the first room.

Q: Will anyone touch me? Trip me?

A: No, again, as the last part of rule #1 says "...the monsters won't touch you".

Q: It's been a while since I have been through the Hotel, has anything changed?

A: Yes, the hotel likes to change on its own...

Q: Do you have horror movie characters? How about standard Halloween characters?

A: No, all of the hotel residents are totally original, and the "monsters" are all created by Damian Warwick himself.

Q: How long does it take to go through?

A: Everyone has their own experiences. You will have to find out for yourself on how long it takes to go through.

Q: Are there any more attractions with it?

A: We have the Hysterium Haunted Aslyum in Fort Wayne, just 21 miles away and easy to get to from the HH13. Buy a combo ticket and save money.

Q: Who are some of the characters of the Hotel? What are some of the rooms in the Hotel?

A: Sorry, you have to find that out for yourself.

Q: Is there a minimum age?

A: We recommend the attraction for ages 10 and older.