haunted hotel


#1 NO touching the Monsters, the Monsters won't touch you!

Don't touch, hit, or kick the monsters, characters, or property (including walls). Monsters will not touch or trip you in any way. There are a few places that we allow people to touch, we will let you know when you may do so.

Also: No touching of property (anything that's not a person) in the hotel, unless told otherwise by the residents of the hotel!

#2 NO Light Sources of any Type!

No cell phones (we want them to be off during the haunt-since most have built-in cameras); no lighters, no photos or flash photography (unless approved). This is a huge distraction for the actors.

#3 NO Weapons of any Kind!

No canes, or anything that can be used as a makeshift weapon will be allowed in the haunt. Exceptions are made for costumes during Halloween.

#4 NO Foul Langauge!

We have young children working and would like you to try very hard to refrain from cursing.

#5 NO Refunds!

Even if you chicken out in the Lobby when you first come in, you don't get your money back.

We appreaciate your cooperation with following these 5 rules. This is for everyone's respect and safety.

We want you to get your money's worth during the show.


After 3 warnings, you will be escorted out of the haunt...and remember NO Refunds!

Suggested Minimum Age

Due to some of the content and the storyline, we are limiting guests to be at least the age of 10 years old.